Big Boy Tire Cleaner + Dressing Bundle


  • REMOVES TIRE BROWNING: Replenishing formula gives your tires that slick look & silky feel that makes new tires look better than new and brings aged or weathered tires back to life + cleans away harmful grime
  • (1) FREE TIRE DRESSING APPLICATOR: Large 4″ x 2.5″ x 3″ crescent-shaped poly foam sponge allows for even application on tires
  • NO GREASY LOOK: Natural satin matte finish on show vehicles, monster trucks, RVs, semis, cars and more
  • DRIES TO THE TOUCH + NO DIRT ATTRACTING RESIDUE: Won’t sling like most other brands
  • FAST-ACTING FORMULA + ONE COAT IS ALL YOU NEED + EASY TO USE + LONG-LASTING FORMULA! Big Boy Tire will continue to repel dirt and grime
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Keep that Fresh “New Tire Look”  

Tires look and feel healthy, Focused, dry to the touch

Last for months not weeks or days

Tires with aged or weathered come back to life and replenished

Excellent for show vehicles, monster trucks, and RV’s & Tire displays

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Weight 15 lbs